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Amazon’s Top-Rated, At-Home Laster Hair Removal Device Is Secretly Discounted

Jul 25, 2023

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MANSCAPING REQUIRES a ton of upkeep. Sure, the best body groomers we’ve tested can keep your chest and leg hair under control, but you’ll need to mow those areas every couple of weeks to maintain their appearance. You could also go body waxing, which is way painful and requires a spa appointment. But if you really want a more efficient way to get manscape this summer, we suggest in investing an at-home laser hair removal device.

The next-gen gadgets, which work by destroying your hair follicle to prevent future hair growth, have been approved by some of Men’s Health‘s dermatologists to use at home. But the best ones we’ve tried don’t come cheap, with many of them selling for over $400. That’s why we’re always looking for deals. Enter Ulike’s top-rated IPL hair remover. From now, while supplies last, Amazon is knocking $60 off, bringing it down to just under $300. Given how hot at-home laster kits are right now, it’s hard to find premium models at a discount like this, which is why our grooming editors recommend this deal.

Ulike Laser Hair Removal Device

Ulike Laser Hair Removal Device

Now 17% Off

$299 at Amazon$299 at Walmart

What makes the Ulike standout from other hair-zapping rigs is its cooling feature. Our grooming contributor, Cristina Montemayor, tried Ulike herself, and can vouch for its results. “With traditional hair removal devices, the temperature of light can reach 158℉-212℉. Ulike’s Sapphire Ice-cooling technology cools the skin to 50℉-104℉, effectively avoiding burning and heat injuries,” Montemayor says in her review. “This type of technology is widely used in large salons for a comfortable, painless experience. It banishes hair at the root using multi-spectrum lights converting light energy to heat energy, permanently reducing hair regrowth over time.”

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While Ulike is still a relatively new product, it’s already receiving positive reviews. More than 400 Amazon customers have given it a five star rating, noting that it’s easy to use and most importantly, that it works.

“It’s been right over 4 weeks since I’ve started using consistently, a total of six times in four weeks on my legs,” says one reviewer. “I am now able to go almost a full week without shaving and even after the 7th day, it is so minimal that I could go even longer”

While we can’t guarantee that this laser hair removal kit will work on every guy, we think its solid track record is worth the purchase. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to manscape this summer, Ulike’s deal is for you.


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