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The Sci-FI Mystery of ‘Silo’ Will Continue in Season 2

Jul 25, 2023

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Apple TV+ is without a doubt the streaming underdog. The platform has produced critically acclaimed shows (

Ted Lasso, Bad Sisters, etc) and series that boast high production values. And yet, it sounds like everyone is far more invested in what HBO or Netflix has to offer, even if whatever they’re offering isn’t very good (looking at you, The Idol). That’s exactly why we’re rooting for Silo.

Based on a popular book series, Silo stars Rebecca Ferguson alongside Tim Robbins, Common, and others. It follows a post-apocalyptic society who lives in a futuristic silo where a community lives and is broken up among hundreds of levels. For generations, no one has left to see the world outside. Over time, the residents begin to question the rules and regulations that make up their daily life, and if living in the silo is best for them. Oh, and there’s a great murder mystery, too.

Silo feels like a show with a perfect recipe: a good cast and a gripping plot. Ferguson shines as a low-level engineer who gets mixed up in the ongoing mystery, proving she’s just as good as a lead on television as she is in the movies (like her great performances in Dune and the Mission: Impossible series). If you’re not already watching Silo, you should be. And if you are watching it, tell your friends. When the first season is over, you’ll want someone to discuss with.

So, what’s the future of Silo? Will there be another season, or will the show end with its first season? We’ve got all the info you need below.


Will there be a Silo Season 2?

Yes! In June, Silo was renewed for Season 2 before its first season had even finished airing, as Variety reports. That’s a good sign, as it means Apple TV+ likely saw an impressive viewership.


Who will be in the cast of Silo Season 2?

Rebecca Ferguson will likely return as the lead of the series, along with series regulars Tim Robbins and Common. It’s also fair to assume the rest of the (surviving!) main cast would also return. As for new people added to the cast, we’ll have to wait and see.

When will Season 2 of Silo be released?

Despite the renewal, there’s still an ongoing writers’ strike, which would delay preparing scripts for the next season. It’s possible the show could come back sometime in mid to late 2024 if the strike ends soon. Simply put: we’re not quite sure yet.

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